Choosing the right color for your website or logo design is important. The color(s) you select must give viewers a good first and lasting impression. Color Picker offers you a wide variety of choices. Since we pattern websites after the design and color scheme of your logo, we suggest you visit Color Picker. It gives some insite on Color Schemes and since when ask you to choose 3 colors for your logo design the triad selection might help you with those choices.

The other option is to select your colors singular which are the small boxes listed under the larger viewing box. This allows you to pick any color and add the selected 3 to your web form. Black and White ( 000000 & FFFFFF ) will be automatically used when designing your logo. Please specify that these colors is what you want as your main colors when you complete this form.

I will personally send you an email to set up a conference call so we can discuss the development of your website. You will need a pen and pad to write down what we discuss during that period. This is not about just the current development but the future as well and setting goals.

Free marketing have been availabe to our clients for expanding their business since 2008. We have added other deparments since then; Logo Studio and Embeded Media houses your images for safe keeping, Frigate Mail customized Eblast Designs for your announcements and events plus more.

Before completing this form contact us if you haven't purchased a domain or web-hosting for your website. We want to make sure you get your monies worth when purchasing a domain and especially web-hosting. Some web-hosting sites might appear to be cheaper but can be costly in the long run.

This is a flash form if the content is not visible on your mobile devices please download the Dolphin App. It will make this form visible to Android users.

A deposit of $50 must be paid before we began the process of designing your logo or website. We will send you a sample of your website design as screenshots, live web pages will be the HOME and CONTACT pages using the information you provided above. Half of the remaining balance will be expected once this process is completed. The remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the launching of the completed website. Contact us at if you have any questions.